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June 26, 2007



Thank you for letting us know you're still alive. I was beginning to worry. I'm lookinf forward to getting a complete update.


Okay...it's July 7...what happened to the update?


Where's the update? It's been a couple of weeks. I'll wait another few days before I give up completely. Good luck.


No update yet. Thanks for keeping your word...NOT!


Transformation looks more like Photo-Shop magic to me.


Thats an incredible achievement. I'm trying to do the same thing.

It's all pretty confusing still though

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I haven't seen the start of your diet.It has impressed me after I read some of your posts I believe your doing well. So goodluck to you.


Thats a great accomplishment! Im also on the same journey as you, starting out at 245 and now down to 220. I am noticing I am seeing a lot more veins in both my chest and stomach area. Did you also notice this when you began loosing weight?


Thank you for sharing!

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