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May 20, 2007



Dude, where are you? I've been following your progress and would love to see an update. What gives?

Mike M

Great blog, great progress, very inspiring! Looking forward to your updates and keeping track. I need to be as consistent as you....


Update? Let's see some pictures. You're an inspiration.


Hey man! Where are you? We need an update!


Please, give us some closure. At least update your blog to let us know you won't be reporting anymore. I'm very disappointed in the lack of updates. Did you "fall off the wagon?" Did you gain weight? How 'bout some answers?

Yes man keep going on, dont stop this blog, are you ok?? I hop so.

Ryan Resmer

Hey dude, where did you get your graphs and charts?? you mentioned they were in excel - but did you set them up? did you download them somewhere? are they microsoft templates in Excel?? would you me willing to send a few files to me?

i was really motivated after reading almost six months worth of your blog this morning - even though it is from over a year ago..

anyhow, i started blog very similar and would love to have your templates if you would share them...and i will link back to your blog for sure - if you are still around.

anyhow, hit my back when you get a chance.




If I weighed 170lb., I could flap my arms and fly.

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