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May 01, 2007



Man, you are an inspiration. This is an incredible transformation! I have been trying for 4 years to get myself motivated enough to stick with a program, and your blog has finally got me so pumped to just stick with it and get the results. Thanks so much for sharing your success!!


What you have achieved is just amazing! Congrats!

I really amazed about what you have done, your self commitment is inspiring me, i suppose that you are successful in all your life parts ... actually i would like to know more about you. you have my e-mail. please contact me.


You're site is great, and the part about the outlook on life changing is so very much true. I made a similar transformation going from 235 to 170 (it took me about 2 years though, I also made sacrifices (became vegetarian, watched my calories), but not nearly as organized and focused as you! I worked out 6 days a week instead of 21.

I even talked about the impact of these changes in an interview with McKinsey which worked out pretty well.

The hard part now is living a reasonable lifestyle and keeping it off, and I have been fluctuating btwn 165 to 175 but I'm ok .

I don;t think 235 is ever going to happen again, but good luck with your weight loss - you don't need it, since you clearly built the willpower to keep it off.


holy snaps you've done an amazing job!


Wow That is super amazing.

But please change the Tracks/shorts... u wore them for months !


hubba hubba!


Man, i am proud of you. YOu truly are an inspiration


3 years later, did you gain anything back? get more cut? Where are you man? If you're still watching, comment back...


Yep I am still here. I have found my most comfortable weight to be at 180-185. I still log everything everyday. I haven't made any updates because this blog was to log my weight loss journey so people could see it done from start to finish. I think if I constantly updated it all of the great weight loss content will be lost in previous posts. As it is now someone can read the whole thing start to finish on one page. Really appreciate the comments from everyone seems this blog has done exactly what I had hoped shown how real weight fat loss can be done without any gimmicks, pills or tricks just a simple plan and dedication.


Hi Tony. Clearly persistence was key in you achieving your goal, and I'm just yet another person inspired by your determination to stick with you regimen. Do you have another blog where you kept track of your muscle mass gaining routine? Would be nice to see the progression of your workouts.

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