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April 01, 2007



photos are fake i use photoshop for a living and i know there fake..... no movement in body gives it away... if i was to take a guess would say ya started with fit guy and made him fat....


Actually I just took great care taking the photos. Sometimes I would take up 25 photos to get the images just right. Funny how someone would actually think im faking these pictures. I'm not sure what the point would be considering im not selling anything. I put this site up to help other people see what it takes to achieve weight loss goals and to help keep me on track.


hi. I'm a real asshole. Sometimes i see an inspirational video or set of pic.s and i too, point out that there's an AMAZING Photoshop skill there, giving props to the graphic desiger. I have nothing like that to say to you about that. Yep, that's right. Good job man. peace (JMW, Cpl, USMC)


Dude, I use Photoshop for a living too and these photos aren't fake. Look at the short folds. It'd be pretty difficult to make them look naturally different on each picture. Take a closer look at a fat variation of the guy. I don't see anything fake about it. Achieving these results is possible. Because besides of my being a graphic designer, I'm also certified as a nutritionist and a personal trainer. These results are possible even IF the pictures WERE fake. But they're not fake.

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